Weed Accessories That Help Improve Your Experience

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As a beginner, you might be able to get by with seeds and stems and a second-hand bong. However, you will have to eventually progress to better and bigger things.  

Of course, you owe it to yourself to buy high-quality weed accessories. This is particularly true if you’re investing in high-quality cannabis.  

Before, people use pipes and bongs to smoke weed. However, there are tons of ways to consume cannabis today. So, what weed accessory is necessary for you? Do they really offer a couple of benefits, aside from looking cool?  

If you’re planning to buy weed online Canada, then you should consider several weed accessories as well. Here are some of them: 

Rice Rolling Papers 

When it comes to rolling joints, hemp is excellent. However, a lot of individuals believe that rice paper is much better. Clean, slow-burning, and thin rice papers are the luxury option. You’ll see the difference once you use it. If you are like most users, you will never probably be going back to regular rolling paper.  

Grinder Card 

This type of accessory is a very simple tool. Unfortunately, a lot of people surprisingly do not use them. For those who don’t know, a grinder card is like a slimmer version of your credit card. You can utilize this accessory to grind down bud without any hassle. Once you are done, you can slip the grinder card back into your wallet and roll up a joint. 


There is a high possibility that you already own a one-hitter. However, are you planning to upgrade it? A reliable and simple one-hitter is excellent if you want to smoke on the go, whether you’re venturing into nature or visiting friends.  

If your one-hitter is still fun, functional, and clean to smoke, it is still fine. If you’re properly packing a one-hitter, you should get a good lungful. 

On the other hand, you need to upgrade to a new one if anything appears off. You might be surprised by how much a new pipe can enhance your cannabis experience. 

Rolling Tips 

This accessory is extremely cheap that there’s really no reason for you not to use them. You should start purchasing these weed accessories if you’re still tearing up papers and rolling them into crutches.  

You can get a high-quality rolling tip for only a couple of cents each. This will make your life a lot simpler. For extra convenience, you can also purchase a reusable tip.  

Moroccan Ashtray 

This accessory is a great solution if you’re a traditional smoker. It’s very practical and extremely beautiful. For those who don’t know, a Moroccan ashtray is shaped like a pot. It includes an indented rim that will hold your joint. You can smoke with your friends without worrying about ashes since this tray is deep.  


If you dab regularly, then it is important for you to have e-nails. With an e-nail, you can maintain a constant temperature for your banger. Thus, you won’t have to do some guesswork and timing. You’ll have a high-quality dab each time with this accessory.  

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