Nova Scotia Mycological Society Foray 2015

The 2015 Foray was held at The Deanery Project on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia on September 25-27th.

The 2012 Foray was also held at this location and it was a great success! Take a look at the 2012 Foray Report for more information on that location/ foray.

Foray Poster
2015 Program   The Deanery Project
Accommodations - updated!   2015 Faculty
Location Map*     What to Bring!
2014 Foray Report - read about the 2013 foray.
Foray 2015 Program: 
Friday, September 25
  4 - 7: Sign in
5 - 6: Annual General Meeting
6 - 9: Social with mushroom themed cook-off:
The cook off is an informal reception on Friday night, in which a range of mushrooms and cooking supplies are provided and participants are invited to get creative in the kitchen. Results are shared with the group. We usually tackle Portobello burgers as a staple, and over the years many different dishes have resulted. It's a bit of a free for all that mostly works well. So, we invite you to try your hand at your favorite recipe and feel free to bring any ingredients you may wish.

The only thing we insist on is that any wild mushrooms are checked-in prior to the cook off and positively identified by our resident expert "Gavin Kernaghan" before they are cleared for use; and further, we will only accept the mainstream wild mushroom standards (eg. chanterelle's, hen of the woods, black trumpet, hedge hog, etc).

Saturday, September 26
    8 - 9: Breakfast
8 - 10: Sign in
9 - 10: Introduction & preparation for field foray
10 - 3: Field Foray!
3 - 6: Identify the field collections
4 - 4:30 Mushroom Identification
6 - 8: Dinner and the Keynote Addresses: Fungi are Fun! by Dr. David Malloch
8 - 10: Social Time
Sunday, September 27
  8 - 9: Breakfast
9 - 12: Concurrent Workshops (tentative):
  Grow Your Own Shiitake with Dr. David Boyle
  Investigations of Mushrooms Dyes
  Pick for the Pot with Dr. Scott Cunningham
  Hosted Table Session - to¬†review¬†weekend's collection with various experts
  Microscopy Workshop - Amanda Bremnar