Nova Scotia Mushroom Foray 2010

Reports on the 2010 Foray:

2010 Foray
Mycological in Nova Scotia - By Good Food Revolution
Mushrooms happen to the happy at 2010 Foray!

The 2010 Foray at White Point was a resounding success. So much so,that we smugly sat on our laurels and failed to update the web page until 9 months later! But like babies and wine made at the back of your closet, 9 months can produce wonderful things.

Check out Catherine’s specimen photos. And while we’re at it,check out that honking big list of 110 species that Bruce put together (note:we’re still trying to get the photo links to work!).

Our Sponsors:

Fungus –it’s everywhere,but discovering it in the cool foray-style manner we’ve developed is surprisingly costly! Whether it’s the materials, foods,and costs of experts,or the limo rides and monogrammed leather jackets we directors enjoy, it all adds up quickly.

We’re very grateful to these people and groups who provided assistance to our event –and no,we didn’t waste it on limo rides (choppers are more our style).

Nova Scotia Department of Environment –Wilderness Areas Program
Parks Canada
White Point