About (fung)Us:
Founding: Mushroom
The Nova Scotia Mycological Society was formed after the incredibly successful first annual Nova Scotia Mushroom Foray of 2008 at Camp Nadoee. It is a registered non-profit society in Nova Scotia. 
Our Goals:

Our immediate goal was to hold another successful foray where enthusiasts and experts can meet. The longterm goal is to build interest and expertise in mushrooms within Nova Scotia and the Maritimes. We want to attract new members through the foray,and use the website to encourage members to grow the society and take it in the directions they are interested in (sort of like mycellium!).

  Our mission is to
"promote all things mycological!"

Our Executive:

Past President - Bruce Stewart
Treasurer - David Boyle
Newsletter Editor: Amanda Griffin
Secretary/Events Coordinator: Logan Gray 
Regional Directors:
Annapolis Valley: Allison Walker
Northumberland Shore: John Crabtree (Mushrooms and Wildflowers of Nova Scotia)
HRM: Gavin Kernaghan
Directors at Large: Logan Gray, Brendon Smith